Our Charity. Our Community.

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”- George Washington Carver.

For years, we have heard the importance of education in a child’s life and the immense change it can bring.

With the initiative to provide education to the underprivileged children of our society, SUIT gives you the opportunity to step up and take action. By making a donation to our cause, you become an instrumental part in the upliftment of these pure young souls, who require proper education and guidance in order to grow and live better lives. From books to even a simple piece of pencil, your donation goes into the overall education of the children.

Help these children today, for even the smallest of amount matters.


 How You Can Get In Touch With Us

Call 9899008790 email us at infosuitindia@gmail.com for more query

About Us

The Societal Upliftment Initiative Trust, or SUIT, is a non-profit organization marching towards bringing a societal change through education. SUIT was registered under the Indian Trust Act 1982 with the idea that education offers children a way out of poverty, discrimination, and everything that makes them ‘underprivileged’. SUIT is the brainchild of a few professionals who took the initiative of educating young children in different rural regions of the country. Our passion and happiness arise from our willingness to undertake the conscious responsibility of young children’s education.

Our Mission

The mission of SUIT has always been about helping transform the lives of millions of economically and socially undermined sections of the society. SUIT visions to catalyze socio- economic change in India. The change will come into existence only when the future and the upcoming youth will be educated, including the underprivileged children. We intend to give access and enhance the potential of the below poverty line section of the society. We believe that ‘The Right to Education’ and ‘Child Rights’ will uplift their position in our society and will act as a base to showcase their potential. It will generate awareness and a sense of consciousness among them for issues such as better sanitation, health and hygiene, etc.