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A commitment to strong principles and practices of accountability is essential for the quality of our work and the trust we depend on. We are accountable to achieve our stated mission effectively and transparently, while being consistent with our values. We are accountable to all our members, investors, volunteers, partners, regulatory bodies and the general public.

We have the following accountability commitments.

Transparency & Human Rights

We commit to respect and advance the equal rights and dignity that all human beings deserve while being transparent and honest regarding our mission, structure, policies and activities.


We commit to working in genuine partnership with organisations that aim for sustainable development. This ensures empowerment and inclusive participation of those affected by our initiatives.

Responsible Advocacy

We follow the policies that are independent of any specific government and business sector. We follow an effective system to prohibit, prevent and report on corruption and bribery.

Professional Management

We commit to utilising a clear strategy with effective monitoring and evaluation to ensure we reflect and keep improving the quality of our work on the basis of mutual accountability.


We commit that our advocacy is consistent with our mission while being grounded in our work. We will ensure that it’s based on evidence and advances defined public interests.

Ethical Fundraising

We commit to ensuring that all donations by anyone take our mission forward. We respect the rights of donors and the dignity of people affected by our fundraising activities.