The Societal Upliftment Initiative Trust, or as we like to call it SUIT, was registered under the Indian Trust Act 1982 in 2010 by Mr. Mukul Singhal and Mr. Gaurav Agarwal. The brainchild of a few professionals who understood the importance of ‘education for all’, this trust was started with the idea that education for every child is not only their fundamental right but also the most humane factor that should be accessible to every child in the world. The key founders, Mukul Singhal and Gaurav Agarwal, were no strangers to obstacles in life and the struggles one faces even with proper education. For them, it was unimaginable how difficult it must be for those young souls who barely get even the most basic education to live by. We live in a country, which supports another India within itself. It’s an India that struggles to bring food to the table for just one time in a day. Even today, with the technological advancements and luxuries we have, it is very difficult to secure a stable future without proper educational qualification.

India is the home to the world’s second largest population, with more than 322 million adults who can neither read nor write. Poverty, caste and gender disparities along with inadequate educational infrastructure prevent millions of children each year from receiving an adequate education. And by 2030, 423 million Indians of working age are estimated to remain unemployed due to lack of awareness and education.

Though the Constitution of India advocates the fundamental right to education and the Government offers free primary education to the children up to the age of 14 years, less than 15 % of students reach high school and just 7% actually graduate. In fact, sources estimate that nearly 35 million children, aged 6-14, are currently not attending school. This means that for every child that studies in a school, there are at least 5 that don’t. Most, if not all, of these children, come from the underprivileged and marginalized segments of India’s population.

Keeping that in mind, SUIT believed in the overall development of our society which is possible only if its people are educated. Reading the literacy rate of India, in general, is shocking alarming. Without taking a stand as those who had the privilege of education, we allow our society to dwell into unsurvivable circumstances.

Though SUIT started its venture with small groups of barely two or three children, today we boast a large group of children that are safe under our wings, preparing to tackle the world with a much stronger base than they could ever even imagine. The conscious responsibility of young children’s education makes the hands and minds behind SUIT feel more passionate and happy.

However, we still have a long way to go.

With the vision to touch and help transform millions of lives of the economically and socially weaker sections of the society, SUIT hopes to bring more awareness to these children.

We hope that one day, our efforts will pay heed and these children will ascend to a level where they would spread their wings and fly high in the skies of future opportunities of better lives.

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